666 Degrees of Metal

666 Degrees of Metal is just how it sounds. Lily V. Sixx and Josh Montedoro will feature all of Pittsburgh, PA’s premier metal talent. A member of the metal scene on every show! There will be interviews with the local metal musicians, music videos, countdowns of top metal bands of the week, Fireside chats with some of the craziest stories from touring, local shows and venues, Venue Reviews, Metal product reviews (Do they live up to their metal name?), Where are they now? (Metal Scene peeps we haven’t heard from in a hot second). We all know the metal community loves their animals and we have included the Metal Pets segment as well as Lily’s Metal Fashion Faux Pas (and yes, my friends there are many!) You never know what you’re going to get on each show! So, join us as we share all 666 Degrees of Metal Talent that we have right here in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Stay tuned for featured artists, venues and behind the scenes people.