666 Degrees of Metal

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Justin has always had a love for music in general. From listening to country music with his parents growing up then having tastes evolve into rock and metal when his brother introduced him into Behemoth around the age of 14. From then Justin had listened to bands like Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage, idolizing the projection and power of the voice and lyrics that Randy Blythe and Howard Jones had displayed. Wanting to be in the spot that those two men were in, Justin joined the musical project Skies of Terra as a vocalist, releasing one full length album and one EP, until 2022 when the band had announced it’s inactivity. Right now, Justin is evolving in the Pittsburgh Metal Scene by offering features for local bands and booking local metal shows with his first show being “REVIVAL at Brandy’s Basement”.

666 Degrees of Metal will display local metal bands and artists from the Pittsburgh area and surrounding areas alike featuring interviews and music videos from said musicians.