Music From the 412

Music from the 412

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113 – 3 Questions and a Song with Seethe

In this episode of “453 Questions and 2,132 Songs,” we delve into the world of alternative metal with special guest Patrick McElravy of Seethe. Seethe, an alternative metal project hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is known for its heavy electronic soundscapes reminiscent of the “Queen of the Damned” soundtrack. Led by the dynamic vocal prowess of Patrick McElravy, Seethe revitalizes the genre with a fresh perspective, setting themselves apart from their contemporaries in the realm of heavy music. Join us as we explore the creative process behind Seethe’s music and gain insight into their unique approach to crafting compelling soundscapes.

112 – 3 Questions and a Song with Microplanet

In episode 112 of 3 Questions and a Song, Microplanet takes center stage. Nathan Wilson, the mastermind behind Microplanet, is a solo singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Cleveland, OH. He honed his skills in the vibrant Chicago music scene and graduated from Columbia College Chicago, initially studying guitar before transitioning to audio engineering to expand his creative horizons. Microplanet’s musical journey began with the 2013 release of the Alien Savior EP on Grandpa Bay Records. In October 2020, under the new moniker Microplanet, Nathan unveiled the Three Leaf Clover EP, marking a fresh chapter in his musical evolution. With the recent release of the Outer Takes EP and lead singles ‘Auto-Drift’ and ‘Painsucker,’ anticipation builds for Microplanet’s debut full-length album, Submerge, which has received a warm reception from listeners. Currently, Microplanet is on tour, captivating audiences across the midwest and east coast with their mesmerizing sound. Stay updated on their shows and releases by visiting their website. Tune in as 3 Questions and a Song delves into Microplanet’s musical odyssey, influences, and future endeavors.

111 – 3 Questions and a Song with Godamn Wolves

Formed in 2018, Goddamn Wolves is an indie rock trio from Raleigh, North Carolina. The band draws influence from classic alternative rock bands like the Replacements and Pixies as well as current indie acts like A Giant Dog and together PANGEA. Goddamn Wolves is led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Chris Weilding (formerly of Hedwig and the Angry […]

110 – 3 Questions and a Song with For Those In Question

For Those In Question is an alternative hard rock band based in Pittsburgh, PA. Established in 2021 as a project between strangers, based out of a mutual love for mid-2000s post-grunge artists like Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle, the band eventually has grown into a five-piece outlet incorporating influences ranging from progressive metal to hardcore, nu-metal […]

109 – 3 Questions and a Song with Bonded by Darkness

In Episode 109 of “3 Questions and a Song,” we dive into the world of Witchy/Occult/Doom/Heavy metal with the band Bonded by Darkness from Akron, Ohio. Joshua on Guitar/Vocals, Raven on Lead Vocals, Jacius on Bass, and Nathaniel on Drums share insights into their musical journey. Explore their debut album, Obsidian, on Bandcamp. Connect with Bonded […]

108 – 3 Questions and a Song with Sean Nestor

Sean Nestor of Homicide Black and Half Wheel will be joining me tonight to feature 2 songs. The first song is “Black in Your Eyes” by Homicide Black and the second one is “Me & You” by Half Wheel. Sean is in both of those bands as well as a few others that we play, including Scarlot O’Hara and Silk9. […]

107 – 3 Questions and a Song with Neostem

In episode 107 of “3 Questions and a Song,” Bill dives into the world of Neostem with Matt Sedlak. The episode features insights into the band’s journey and a sneak peek into their latest track, “Shut Me Up.” Neostem, a Pittsburgh-based rock band founded in 2013 by childhood friends Matt and Ryan, brings a modern […]

106 – 3 Questions and a Song with Eden on Fire

In Episode 105 of 3 Questions and a Song, we dive into the story of Eden on Fire, an original melodic symphonic metal band hailing from Erie, PA. The brainchild of vocalist/keyboardist Amy Gould, the band took shape during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As the world reopened, Amy collaborated with bassist Scott Hagerty and […]