What is music from the 412?

Music from the 412 is a video music channel and radio station that run 24/7/365. They mainly play videos and music from artists from the Pittsburgh area, but will also feature unsigned and small label artists from all over. We also produce our own original content series based on those same musicians.

  • Featured Show

    Rocky’s Rock and Roll Symphony is a 1 hour show that features local bands and acoustic acts from Pittsburgh. Each show consists of a live act, an acoustic performance, and interviews with artists and other people who are involved in the arts around town.

  • Featured Show

    “Spacebat Productions Presents” is a variety series that will showcase Pittsburgh artist, musicians, and events.
    Throughout the 13 episode season you will see a cast of host including BatTrish (412nes), Mr. Bones, Lexa Terrestrial, and more.

  • Featured Show

    Bobby C will be your host for this awesome show, Bob’s Garage. Bob will share his space with local artist, musicians, and rescue pets. The focus of the show will be highlighting all things that start in your basement/garage. From bands to mechanics. From muts to rockers. Bob will give you a view inside the heads of some of the areas greatest DIY people. 

  • The Electric Crush Presents

    Rock Collector is a unique video series produced and recorded by the team that is the Electric Crush (Eric Wisniewski and Judy Rosenfeld). It highlights those individuals and musicians that have an eclectic or interesting hobby or collection. This series is not only interesting, but fun and rockin.’ A must-see for any music lover or hobbyist.

  • Second Scene Presents

    International Underground Sound will explore the psychedelic, shoegaze, and experimental sounds of the Pittsburgh underground scene along with the underground sounds from their counterparts worldwide.

  • Steamworks Creative Presents

    John Vento (The Nied’s Hotel Band) & Mary Lou Scherder host a new show featuring some of the very best acoustic singer/songwriters in the 412. The show will consists of interviews, insight, and of course performance. Don’t miss this intimate look into the song writing process and the artist who create the music.

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