Rocky's Rock n Roll Symphony

Rocky’s Rock and Roll Symphony is a 1 hour show that features local bands and acoustic acts from Pittsburgh, hosted by Anthony “Rock” Lamonde. Each show consists of a live act, an acoustic performance, and interviews with artists and other people who are involved in the arts around town. Our goal is to share the talent that we have here in pittsburgh with you, and others around the world. Season 1 consists of 13 episodes that feature artists such as Pierce Dipner, Brian Genovesi, RCAllison, Half wheel, Maleena Dominick, Byron Nash, Karl Bailey, John Shannon, Charlie Barath, Bubs McKeg, Middle Finger, Jimmy Wilson Guitars, Norman Nardini, Billy Price, Brad Wagner, Bill Toms and Hard Rain, Adrian Niles, Eric Jackson Laurie, The Redlines, Tom Breiding, Neostem, The Neid’s Hotel Band, Greg Joseph, Ron Moondog, Mean Blue Planet