Music From the 412

Music from the 412

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The Pennsylvania Rock Show Live!

The Pennsylvania Rock Show is an online TV/radio show/podcast/FM Radio – The show started on September 14, 2004.

🔊🎸 Calling all rock music lovers! 🤘🎧

Get ready to rock out with the Pennsylvania Rock Show podcast, your ultimate destination for the best in rock music! 🎙️🎵 Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply someone who appreciates great tunes, this podcast is a must-listen! 🔥🔊

Hosted by Bill Domiano, the Pennsylvania Rock Show takes you on a thrilling journey through Pennsylvania’s vibrant rock music scene. From hard-hitting anthems to soulful ballads, this podcast showcases the incredible talent our state has to offer.

But that’s not all! You can listen to the Pennsylvania Rock Show on various streaming platforms and radio stations, ensuring you never miss a beat! 🎧📲 Here are the links and radio stations where you can find the show:

🔘 Spotify
🔘 Apple Podcasts
🔘 iHeartRadio
🔘 Google Podcasts
🔘 YouTube Playlist
🔘 and many more!

Plus, you can catch the show on these incredible streaming radio stations:

🔘 107.1 FM KFGD St. Louis

With so many options, you can enjoy the Pennsylvania Rock Show wherever you prefer to listen!

Join Bill as he engages in captivating conversations with rock bands and musicians, uncovering the stories behind the music and the passion that drives their art. From established acts to emerging talents, this podcast brings you a diverse range of artists, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s rock cravings!

Make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes, interviews, and rock music news. 📅📲

Share this page with your fellow rockers, spread the word, and let’s support our local rock scene! 🎸🤘 Together, we can keep the rock music spirit alive and thriving in Pennsylvania!

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  • the Pennsylvania Rock Show


    Bill interviews Rock & Metal bands from PA and features independent music from PA!


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