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Music from the 412

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3 Questions and a Song

🎙️🔥 Attention podcast enthusiasts! We have an exciting recommendation for you: 3 Questions and a Song podcast! 🎧🎵 If you love discovering new music and getting to know the artists behind the scenes, this is the podcast you don’t want to miss!

Hosted by Bill Domiano, 3 Questions and a Song is an engaging and insightful podcast that delves deep into the world of music. Get ready for a unique format where each guest is asked intriguing questions including a question from the previous episode’s guest, followed by a performance of one of their original songs! 🎶✨

To catch all the musical magic and fascinating conversations, head over to and hit that play button! 🎧📲

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Join Bill Domiano as he takes you on a journey through the stories, inspirations, and creative processes of talented independent musicians of any genre or location. From rising stars to seasoned veterans, this podcast showcases a diverse range of artists and genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s musical taste!

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  • 3 Questions and a Song


    Bill interviews unsigned and independent artists from all over the world of any genre! New shows on the 1st and 15th.


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