Music From the 412

Music from the 412

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The 1980s gave rise to the fast-growing Christian rock and metal scene, and Whitecross led the way. Whitecross has enjoyed a very long run of popularity with a worldwide fan base.

Whitecross released six studio albums from 1987 to 1992 with lead guitarist and founding member Rex Carroll. Album tours from 1988 to 1994, resulting in over a thousand concerts, helped to build a live connection with their fans. Two factors are generally acknowledged here: the group was early on the scene, and Rex Carroll’s guitar work set the benchmark for all other bands in the genre.

“Man in the Mirror” single from the 2024 LP “Fear No Evil”
Their work won Dove Awards for “Metal Album of the Year” and “Hard Music Recorded Song of the Year.”

Whitecross made a comeback at the 2000 Cornerstone Festival and drew about 6,000 people. Since then, they have performed festivals and tours and are still booking concerts.

Formed near Chicago, Illinois, they have performed throughout the United States of America and into the rest of the world, including South America, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. In 2019, they made their longest journey and performed at two sold-out amphitheaters in India to rave reviews.

In 2020, they recruited new lead vocalist David Roberts, who has been embraced by the fans and has expanded Whitecross’s tonal palette. Rex and David, with Michael Feighan on drums and Benny Ramos on bass, have created and performed the first new Whitecross music in over twenty years!

In 2022, they headlined and later joined the first annual Immortal Festival at the BMI Center in Versailles, Ohio, re-establishing the band’s commitment to performing live for their audience. Also in 2022, they signed with Dark Star Records and are on the 2024 “Fear No Evil” tour for the brand new album. Contact us to book a date at your venue!