Music From the 412

Music from the 412

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Join us for Episode 721 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, where we’ll be chatting with the Southside-based trio, Aris Paul Band, about their highly anticipated upcoming release, *Tracksuit Formal*. This marks their third studio album, described by the band as a “mob rock opera” that creatively merges the essence of a Martin Scorsese film with the rich history of Pittsburgh’s Southside.

*Tracksuit Formal* promises to be a captivating collection of all baritone, hard funk rock tunes—each song a tall tale or urban folklore that we can neither confirm nor deny. Get ready for a musical journey filled with intriguing stories and infectious rhythms.

During the episode, we’ll delve into the band’s musical history, influences, and the creative process behind *Tracksuit Formal*. As always, we’ll pepper the conversation with our signature oddball questions, offering listeners a glimpse into the unique personalities behind the music.

Don’t miss this exciting episode featuring Aris Paul Band! Tune in to discover more about their captivating new album and the fascinating world they’ve crafted within *Tracksuit Formal*.