Music From the 412

Music from the 412

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719 the Pennsylvania Rock Show featuring Noble Hops

Noble Hops has released their first single of 2024 titled “Me For Me”. The song is a personal one for founding Noble Hops member Utah Burgess, who wrote it back in 2015.

“It is a reflective song, while maintaining a statement that, basically, things are what they are, and I’ve done the best I can”, says Burgess. The song was first performed live on stage with Rob Keller (Noble Hops, The Shiners) at the very first ever Rock Done Right Tour Stop at The Strand Theater in Zelienople PA in April of 2016.

Recording was done at The Leaning Studio of Greene, located in Sarver PA, by recording engineer Chris “Ru-DoGG” Ruane. Mike Ofca (Innovation Studio) handled the mixing and mastering tasks. The cover art was provided by Linda Weber LW Design 4U.

718 the Pennsylvania Rock Show featuring Whitecross

The 1980s gave rise to the fast-growing Christian rock and metal scene, and Whitecross led the way. Whitecross has enjoyed a very long run of popularity with a worldwide fan base.

Whitecross released six studio albums from 1987 to 1992 with lead guitarist and founding member Rex Carroll. Album tours from 1988 to 1994, resulting in over a thousand concerts, helped to build a live connection with their fans. Two factors are generally acknowledged here: the group was early on the scene, and Rex Carroll’s guitar work set the benchmark for all other bands in the genre.

“Man in the Mirror” single from the 2024 LP “Fear No Evil”
Their work won Dove Awards for “Metal Album of the Year” and “Hard Music Recorded Song of the Year.”

Whitecross made a comeback at the 2000 Cornerstone Festival and drew about 6,000 people. Since then, they have performed festivals and tours and are still booking concerts.

Formed near Chicago, Illinois, they have performed throughout the United States of America and into the rest of the world, including South America, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. In 2019, they made their longest journey and performed at two sold-out amphitheaters in India to rave reviews.

In 2020, they recruited new lead vocalist David Roberts, who has been embraced by the fans and has expanded Whitecross’s tonal palette. Rex and David, with Michael Feighan on drums and Benny Ramos on bass, have created and performed the first new Whitecross music in over twenty years!

In 2022, they headlined and later joined the first annual Immortal Festival at the BMI Center in Versailles, Ohio, re-establishing the band’s commitment to performing live for their audience. Also in 2022, they signed with Dark Star Records and are on the 2024 “Fear No Evil” tour for the brand new album. Contact us to book a date at your venue!

717 the Pennsylvania Rock Show featuring Chrome Moses

Join us on Episode 717 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show where we chat with Chrome Moses about the release of their new vinyl single, Forward March, and their upcoming release show that will feature only Chrome Moses in an intimate two set performance. Don’t fear, Bill will still be asking his abnormal questions with unique twists and turns.

716 the Pennsylvania Rock Show featuring Dream the Heavy

Join us on episode 716 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show featuring the talented band Dream the Heavy. Comprising TK Mundok on vocals, Mathias Brown on guitars, Paul Dean Price III on bass, Ryan Miller on keys, and Sully on drums, Dream The Heavy brings their unique blend of ethereal rock and dense rhythms straight from Pittsburgh.

In this episode, we dive into the band’s journey and upcoming record release party. Dream the Heavy has curated an incredible lineup for their release event on April 12th at Spirit, featuring performances by MELT and Old Game. DJ Brutalism will be spinning tunes during and after the bands, creating an electrifying atmosphere for attendees. Plus, don’t miss the stunning visuals provided by Fluxophile, adding an immersive dimension to the experience.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable night of music and celebration. Grab your tickets now and join us in supporting Dream the Heavy as they unveil their latest musical masterpiece. For tickets and more information, visit: Dream The Heavy Record Release Tickets

715 the Pennsylvania Rock Show with Buck Johnson

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer Buck Johnson is the keyboardist and backing vocalist for the legendary rock band Aerosmith, the Hollywood Vampires (Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry), and The Joe Perry Project. Buck hails from the backroads of Shady Grove, Alabama, just outside Birmingham, where he grew up singing gospel throughout the South with his musical family. Since beginning his career, the soulful rock artist has amplified his musical talent by performing in churches, bars, festivals, and concert halls globally alongside icons Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, and Alice Cooper.

714 the Pennsylvania Rock Show with 13Occult

In episode 714 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, we welcome 13Occult, a ScareRock PunkMetal band formed in January 2023. The band consists of Stanley Torrance on drums/vocals and Jestart on guitar/vocals. Having released three albums in 2023, including “Dead of the Living Night,” “Into the Woods,” and “Visitor,” they’re now gearing up for their upcoming album, “Creeps at Night,” set to be released in April 2024. Tune in to hear their song, “Skull Krushers from Hell,” featured in this episode.

713 the Pennsylvania Rock Show with Shattered

In episode 713 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, the spotlight shines on Shattered as they gear up for their upcoming album release show with special guests Victoria Fire on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at the Lincoln Height Civic Association. The band’s journey traces back to 2000 when Evan founded the original lineup with school friends. However, it wasn’t until 2006 that the current lineup began to take shape with Erik joining on guitar/vocals and Tim on bass, alongside Evan on guitar/vocals and Ryan Gilbert on drums. After some local shows, Ryan departed in 2008, leading to Kevin Dick taking over drums and Josh Comp assuming lead vocals. With this lineup, Shattered made waves in the local rock scene, sharing the stage with notable acts like Sevendust, Taproot, and Cold. They’ve been a fixture in the Rock for Life lineup for 15 years, releasing multiple albums and gracing numerous local venues. In 2019, Josh left the band, and Chris Taylor stepped in as the new lead vocalist, completing the present-day lineup. Tune in as the Pennsylvania Rock Show delves into Shattered’s history, influences, and upcoming ventures.

712 the Pennsylvania Rock Show with DiGregorio

Episode 712 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show features DiGregorio, a 4-piece American Gothic-Symphonic Metal band based in Pittsburgh, USA. Led by the enigmatic Suzanne DeCree, DiGregorio offers a musical journey like no other, blending avant-garde melodies, ethereal compositions, and heavy guitar riffs to create a captivating experience. Since their inception in 2015, the band has become more than just a musical group; they’re a concept brought to life through their haunting and storytelling music. With Bob Horwatt’s keyboards setting eerie soundscapes, session man Jeremy Papay’s elegant drumming, Aaron Griffith’s soulful bass lines, and Suzanne’s haunting guitar, DiGregorio’s music transports listeners to a realm of mystery and intrigue. Praised by critics and embraced by radio shows worldwide, DiGregorio’s unique sound has earned them recognition on prestigious platforms such as the Women of Metal Show and The Female Fronted Rock and Metal Show. Their EP “Loveless Ruminations” is a highly anticipated release that promises to further enchant audiences with its dark allure. Join the Pennsylvania Rock Show as they delve into the enigmatic world of DiGregorio, where reality and imagination merge in a symphony of captivating melodies.

711 the Pennsylvania Rock Show with Corpse God

Episode 711 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show features Corpse God, a collaboration between current members of Leprosy, Horrid Ordeal, and ex-Bloodbath. Established in 2021, Corpse God is dedicated to reviving the newness and vitality of Death Metal from the late 80s and early 90s. Drawing influences from bands like Asphyx, Death, Morgoth, and Bolt Thrower, […]

710 the Pennsylvania Rock Show with Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come’s lineup:
Danny Stag
Rick Steier
Johnny B. Frank
Ezekiel “Zeke” Kaplan
Matt Muckle
We will be discussing the band’s history, music backgrounds, and the upcoming Return to the Kingdom!