Music From the 412

Music from the 412

“Spacebat Productions Presents” is a variety series that will showcase Pittsburgh artist, musicians, and events.
Throughout the 13 episode season you will see a cast of host including BatTrish (412nes), Mr. Bones, Lexa Terrestrial, and more.

Each episode will include an introduction of the host, a look into who they are and what they have/are working on. Followed by a performance of their choice and an interview of that performer.

Be sure to 2ne in to hang with the Spacebats!

Hosted by: Trish Hosac

SBPP S1:E13 Jeff Bertrand, Anti-Flag, Lexa Terrestrial & T.J. Harris, Nox Boys, Casketmaker

Spacebat Productions Presents S1:E13 Spacebat Productions Presents : Episode 13 FeaturingBatChats – Jeff BertrandFlashblacks from 412nes : Justin Sane / Anti-FlagAliens Over Pittsburgh : Lexa Terrestrial & T.j. HarrisBen Smiley : Mr.Bones : Knox BoysBrennan Grimes : CasketmakerBill Domiano‘s Concert Calendar SBPP S1:E13 Jeff Bertrand, Anti-Flag, Lexa Terrestrial & T.J. Harris, Nox Boys, Casketmaker SBPP […]

SBPP S1:E12: Anxiety at Best, KracKills, Greywalker

Spacebat Productions Presents S1:E12 Spacebat Productions Presents – Episode 12412nes – Jessica – Anxiety at BestAliens Over Pittsburgh – Ian Patrick Hill aka KrackKillsBrennan Grimes – GreywalkerBills Concert Calendar SBPP S1:E13 Jeff Bertrand, Anti-Flag, Lexa Terrestrial & T.J. Harris, Nox Boys, Casketmaker SBPP S1:E12: Anxiety at Best, KracKills, Greywalker SBPP S1:E11: Preview: Aiden Flame, Hunter […]

SBPP S1:E11: Preview: Aiden Flame, Hunter Lasswell, Keith Harker, WeirdPaulRockBand, Working Breed

Spacebat Productions Presents S1:E11 This week on Spacebat Productions Presents we Feature: First Angel Media – Aiden Sin Flame of ObsidianMr. Bones – Hunter Lasswell (Sub Retinal)Aliens Over Pittsburgh – Lexa Terrestial and EARLT.J. Harris Animations – ep 12. Keith HarkerFlashbacks from 412nes – Weird Paul Rock Band (2016)Flashbacks from Mr.Bones – Working Breed (2018)Jessica […]

SBPP S1:E10: Amy Mmhmm, The Danzas, Barbados Black, Windchimes and Once Nothing

Spacebat Productions Presents S1:E10 Featuring: Mr. Bones – Amy Mmhmm Flashbacks from 412nes – The Danzas TJ Harris Animations – Barbados Black Brennan Grimes – Windchimes & Once Nothing Flashbacks from 412nes – 2016 Record StoreDay @ Dave’s Music Mine Bill’s Concert Calendar SBPP S1:E13 Jeff Bertrand, Anti-Flag, Lexa Terrestrial & T.J. Harris, Nox Boys, […]

SBPP S1:E9: Ben Smily, Jess Kline, Short Fictions, Symphany Valencia, and Ryan Price

Spacebat Productions Presents S1:E9 Spacebat Productions Presents Episode 9: Mr. Bones Ben Smily of Mr.BonesFlashbacks from 412nes : Team Video & Reaction to The HellfreaksMr. Bones – Jess KlineBrennan Grimes – Short Fictions at Mr. RobotoJessica: Outside The Music – Ryan Price : FingerboardingBill’s Concert Calendar Tune in Monday-Saturday at 2pm and 8pm on Music […]

SBPP S1:E8: The Spider Accomplice, Dematus, Melissa Fizzel

Spacebat Productions Presents S1:E8 Spacebat Productions Presents Episode 8 Featuring The Spider Accomplice Dematus Melissa Fezell Bill’s Concert Calendar Watch Monday-Saturday at 2pm and 8 pm and Sunday at 11am and 8pm ONLY ON, on their Roku Channel or Amazon Fire Channel! If you want to submit a video to Spacebat Productions, please email […]

SBPP S1:E7: Dematus, Modern Fossils, Adelino&Carissa, Aaron Romeo, Dizzy Woosh, Vit

Spacebat Productions Presents E1:S7 Spacebat Productions Presents Episode 7 Dematus – Eternal Prison – Lyric Video Modern Fossils – Room 100 of The Chelsea Hotel – Lyric Video Adelino & Carissa – 1987 – Performance Recording By Carmen Monroe T.J. Harris Animations Featuring DJ Aaron Romeo – Goth Hop The Mr. Uglyface Show EP7 – […]

SBPP S1:E6: Kleptosonic, Lexa Terrestrial, kid mental, Princess Jafar & music round table

Spacebat Productions Presents S1:E6 Spacebat Productions Presents : Episode 6 Flashbacks From 412nes Featuring KelptosonicT.J. Harris Animations Featuring Adam ValenAliens Over Pittsburgh – Lexa Terrestrial at The Whisper NestMr. Bones featuring Kidmental and Princess JafarKidmental – Spacebat Productions Theme SongRandy Hollenbeck’s Music Roundtable – Talking music featuring BatTrish SBPP S1:E13 Jeff Bertrand, Anti-Flag, Lexa Terrestrial […]

SBPP S1:E5: Jason Sauers, FRZY, Native Alloys, Jessica and Zosia

Spacebat Productions Presents : Episode 5 T.J. Harris Animations Featuring Jason Sauer and FRZY.Mr. UglyFace – The Power Of Ohmmmmm, Sasquatch, and The Tooth FairyFlashbacks From 412nes Featuring Native AlloysTaking It Back to Lil Bat – LilBat Playlist & My dog ExcaliburJessica & Zosia talk about the pressure we put on ourselves as artist trying […]

SBPP S1:E4: Mr. Bones & Brennan Grimes featuring Different Places In Space

Spacebat Productions Presents S1:E4 Whats Rockin’?! Episode 4 of Spacebat Productions Presents Premieres today at 2pm on Music From The 412 This week’s Episode is hosted by Mr. Bones & Brennan Grimes they feature Different Places In SPACE. We also have T.J.Harris’s Animated DJ segment featuring Brysk, Mr. Ugly Face talking about Marijuana. We also […]