Music From the 412

Music from the 412

PGH Local Music Tracker

Pittsburgh Local Music Tracker is a page run by Bala Rise, a 24-year old musician who previously played bass in the pop punk band Understatement and currently does vocals in the hardcore band Bala Rise and the Uprising. Started in February 2022, Pittsburgh Local Music Tracker is dedicated to compiling lists of upcoming shows in Allegheny county and recent releases from Pittsburgh-based artists on the bleeding edge of the local scene. Funk, Indie, Metal, Rap, EDM, you name it – any and all genres are tracked. They also occasionally do reviews rounding up some of the best new tracks to be released in Pittsburgh every season, and a series of snappy, to-the-point interviews with artists about their recent releases. Check back on Music From The 412 for weekly updates on upcoming shows, or check out their instagram and facebook page @pghmusictracker for daily stories posted about the shows happening each night. 

Hosted by: Bala Rise