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Music from the 412

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3 Questions and a Song

Welcome to 3 Questions and a Song, where host Bill brings you on a musical journey like no other! This unique show is not just a radio hit, but also a podcast, on-demand TV, and OTT TV experience, making it accessible to music lovers everywhere.

Join Bill as he introduces you to unsigned bands from every corner of the globe, spanning all genres imaginable. Get ready to discover your new favorite artists as Bill dives deep into their world, asking thought-provoking questions that reveal the essence of their music and creativity.

With 3 Questions and a Song, you’ll uncover hidden gems and unearth musical treasures you never knew existed. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be blown away by the incredible talent showcased on this one-of-a-kind show!

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  • 3 Questions and a Song


    Bill interviews unsigned and independent artists from all over the world of any genre! New shows on the 1st and 15th.


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