Music From the 412

Music from the 412

“Spacebat Productions Presents” is a variety series that will showcase Pittsburgh artist, musicians, and events.
Throughout the 13 episode season you will see a cast of host including BatTrish (412nes), Mr. Bones, Lexa Terrestrial, and more.

Each episode will include an introduction of the host, a look into who they are and what they have/are working on. Followed by a performance of their choice and an interview of that performer.

Be sure to 2ne in to hang with the Spacebats!

Hosted by: Trish Hosac

Spacebat Productions Presents S1:E2

SPACEBAT PRODUCTIONS EPISODE 2 IS AIRING ALL WEEK ON Music From The 412!! Visit to watch the channel. DJ Blakk Steel Dematus Reign of Z Lexa Terrestrial You can catch this episode on Tuesday 2pm & 10pm Wednesday 9am & 5pm Thursday 12pm & 8pm Friday 1pm & 7pm Saturday 11am & 5pm There are other awesome shows and a ton of rad music videos playing 24/7!! Tune in and let me know what you are watching!! So much more to come too.