Music From the 412

Music from the 412

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Unsignd is a docuseries where I show the reality of what it is like being a musician. Some don’t even make it.  Some fall, but do it because it makes them happy. That’s what I want to expose, the truth of what the struggle of  being a musician is like and how some may look […]

3 Questions and a Song

Hosted by Bill Domiano, 3 Questions and a Song is an engaging and insightful podcast that delves deep into the world of music. Get ready for a unique format where each guest is asked intriguing questions including a question from the previous episode’s guest, followed by a performance of one of their original songs!

Jazz’s Rockin Roadshow

Jazz’s Rockin’ Roadshow features a different location and a different Pittsburgh band on each episode. Join your host, Jazz Byers, as he travels to different cities and cool places to hang out with friends and make new ones… but don’t worry, Jazz makes it back to Pittsburgh in each episode to do an interview and […]

Backstage Pass

Come backstage and behind the scenes as we visit some of Pittsburgh’s Popular Music Venues, Music Festivals and Recording Studios. This 13 Episode Series will focus on Venues like – Mr. Smalls Funhouse, Preserving Underground, The Crafthouse, as well as The Millvale Music Festival. Follow Producers – Dave Hillis, Dave Granati, and Dana Cannone as they work […]

the Pennsylvania Rock Show

the Pennsylvania Rock Show

Hosted by Bill Domiano, the Pennsylvania Rock Show takes you on a thrilling journey through Pennsylvania’s vibrant rock music scene. From hard-hitting anthems to soulful ballads, this podcast showcases the incredible talent our state has to offer. But that’s not all! You can listen to the Pennsylvania Rock Show on various streaming platforms and radio […]

Spacebat Productions Presents

Spacebat Productions Presents

“Spacebat Productions Presents” is a variety series that will showcase Pittsburgh artist, musicians, and events. Each episode will include an introduction of the host, a look into who they are and what they have/are working on. Followed by a performance of their choice and an interview of that performer. Be sure to 2ne in to […]

Steamworks Sessions

John Vento (The Nied’s Hotel Band) & Mary Lou Scherder host a new show featuring some of the very best acoustic singer/songwriters in the 412. The show consists of interviews, insight, and of course performances. Don’t miss this intimate look into the song writing process and the artists who create the music. With a new […]

The Furnace

Recorded on select Thursdays each month in 2022 at Crafthouse Stage & Grill. This is a Broadcast TV show style event with a show host, interviews and sponsors commercials between artists during the event.

Rocky’s Rock n Roll Symphony

Rocky’s Rock n Roll Symphony is a 1 hour show that features local bands and acoustic acts from Pittsburgh, hosted by Anthony “Rock” Lamonde. Each show consists of a live act, an acoustic performance, and interviews with artists and other people who are involved in the arts around town. Our goal is to share the […]